“The hospice took very good care of my grandma and that personal connection means it's more about giving something back as a charitable donation for me rather than winning. ”

“What a wonderful surprise.”

“I've been a member of the lottery at St Ann's for at least five years. It's easy to pay on direct debit. They need it and deserve all the money they can get. It's a brilliant place.”

“So unexpected. Going on a long-needed holiday.”

“This was a great surprise as I have always regarded my contributions to the lottery as just another way of supporting my favourite charity.”

“I was lucky enough to win the rollover jackpot of £10,000 in December 2020! Thank you! Keep up the good work. ”

“What a delightful surprise - the last thing I was expecting! I shall use it to buy some furniture for my son's new house. I'm really happy to be helping such a wonderful hospice.”

“When I received my £2,000 cheque in the post I was speechless! I had to look more than once at it to make sure I hadn't added extra 0's in my head. I have never won anything like this before and I was stunned!”

“It took a while to register how much I had won, never have I won so much money. This will mean so much to my family at Christmas.”

“I honestly can’t put into words what a lift opening the envelope containing the cheque gave me, particularly after such a strange and difficult year.”