“What a pleasant surprise especially as we all restrict ourselves during lockdown. Thank you.”

“Absolutely over the moon.  It is the first time I have won anything.”

“It was a fantastic surprise to hear about my lottery win, especially during these unprecedented times.”

“Absolutely ecstatic. I've never won a large amount anywhere before. THANK YOU!”

“We have supported the St. Ann’s lottery from inception, and never expected to win, but what a pleasant surprise we got. ”

“I was surprised and overjoyed to see the cheque come through the post as I never usually win anything like this. ”

“Many thanks for your letter which came as a very special surprise. ”

“A wonderful, wonderful, surprise. As I am on my own it will give me great pleasure to share it with my daughter and family. Many thanks. ”

“It was a great surprise, a welcome surprise. There are lots of ideas coming to mind but my wife and I have a very special wedding anniversary this year so – Whoopee!!!”

“Thank you so much for the cheque for £2,000. It was a lovely surprise. I was delighted.”