“To win the top prize of £2,000 was an amazing surprise.”

“I was bowled over by the receipt of your winner's cheque and I am most grateful for it. ”

“We were more than delighted to receive the cheque for £2,000.”

“The first thing my wife said was let’s have another holiday!”

“I was so pleased to hear that I had won St Ann's Lottery this week!”

“Thank you St Ann's Local Lottery... I never thought I would win.”

“I could not believe it. Absolutely tremendous, fantastic news. ”

“ I have had some repairs done on my car recently and this prize came just at the right time and I am extremely grateful.”

“I was absolutely astounded when I first opened the envelope and saw the cheque. It will help to pay for a holiday that is long overdue for our children. ”

“I always say to people you've got to be in it to win it!”