Lottery Representatives

From Wednesday 5th August 2020 our face to face lottery recruitment campaign will resume with additional measures in place, in accordance with current government guidelines, to ensure the safety and comfort of members of the public and our lottery representatives.

We also continue to work with Integrated Promotions Ltd and Lottery Promotion Services to promote our lottery remotely, by telephone.

Names of all of our verified face to face and telephone representatives are included below. 

Integrated Promotions Ltd Lottery Representatives:
Fiona Coburn
Mike Latham
Andrea Price
Ross Beck
Barry McAulay
Dal Singh
John Singh
Angela Carruthers
Tracey Bateman
Fran McAulay
Lynne Shatliff
Amy McAulay

Lottery Promotion Services Representatives:
Gina Tyson
Oliver Tarpey
Lauren Degisi
Jay Underwood
Megan Thorpe
Sue Gent
Jinette Findlay
Caitlin Burke
Lee Clark
Sue Hazelhurst
Liz Campion
Sally Tears
Catherine McFarlane
Scott Sinclair
Chris Watts

SEC Fundraising Representatives:
Sandra Scott
Natasha Petshauer

Calls will be made from the following telephone numbers:
0161 498 3642
0161 768 2523
0161 509 4421

If you would like to verify the identity of one of our representatives please contact 0161 498 3642 or If you believe you have been visited at home by a bogus caller claiming to be a representative of St Ann’s Hospice, please contact your local Police immediately and advise us on 0161 498 3642 or

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