Lottery Representatives

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We are currently running lottery recruitment campaigns with SEC Fundraising and LPS Promotions. Our lottery representatives are out and about visiting venues and residential areas to grow our membership of lottery players.

We are confident that they will always uphold our fundraising integrity and will stop if you say “no” or if there is any worry over the vulnerability of the person they are speaking to.

If you are approached by one of our representatives and would like to provide some feedback, it will be very welcome.

If you have any queries, please contact our Lottery Office on: 0161 498 3642 or email

Our lottery representatives working in the community are pictured below:

Mark Rankin (LPS)

Lizzie Tomlinson (LPS)

Steve Martin (LPS)

Cath Duffy (LPS)

Vicki Levy (LPS)

Barry McAulay (SEC)

Gavin Moynihan (SEC)

Robert Stiles (SEC)

Nick Roddy (SEC)

Stephen Murray (SEC)

Katherine Hanrahn (SEC)

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